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AWS Security + CCSK = Cloud Security Expert L1

Course Description:

AWS Security and CCSK Dual Certification preparing not just assists with getting inside and out information on all the spaces canvassed in the educational plan in a solitary preparing plan yet additionally permits an expert to stand apart with his/her expertise in the field of Cloud Security. AWS Security and CCSK Dual Course Training mean to prepare the person to get past the accreditation tests also. Having both these accreditations together certainly settles on the expert a favored decision of the associations. A portion of the key highlights of this instructional class are:

  • Preparing on significant parts in AWS innovation.
  • Preparing on the prescribed procedures identified with the security of the AWS condition.
  • Information up-degree to turn into a certified AWS security authority sufficiently qualified to deal with this present reality condition.
  • CCSK is a mutually propelled affirmation by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISC2.
  • This accreditation challenges the information and useful experience with respect to the cloud security of the competitors.
  • CCSK offers a top to bottom proficient idea in the area of Cloud Security.
  • Preparing on cloud security plan, design, tasks, and administration coordination to be solid and steady for CCSK.
  • Aims to transform you into an expert in cloud applications and architecture. This combo course training will help you to enhance your overall cloud architecture knowledge

AWS Security and CCSK dual course training:

intends to change you into a specialist in cloud applications and design. This combo course preparing will assist you with enhancing your general cloud engineering information, and subsequent to going to this course, you will have the option to:

  • Characterize and plan structural arrangements dependent on client prerequisites.
  • Offer best usage practices and direction all through the venture life-cycle.
  • Alongside the correct sort of hypothetical information to accomplish the affirmation, You will likewise get hands-on involvement with working with distributed computing.

Why Join a cloud security expert course:

AWS Security and CCSK Combo Certification preparing has been carefully intended for those experts who are eager to exceed expectations in the field of Cloud Security. A portion of the advantages of picking this Dual Certification preparing are:

  • All the areas of both the affirmations are canvassed in this single preparing.
  • Mentors are specialists in the space and offer hand crafted preparing.
  • Aides in effectively overcoming AWS Security and CCSK affirmation tests.
  • Lets you show your most recent aptitudes and information in regards to Cloud Security which opens the entryway for new roads.
  • Efficient and monetarily a superior decision when contrasted with putting resources into two separate preparing programs.


Introduction provides an in-depth understanding of:

  • Domain 1: Incident Response
  • Domain 2: Logging and Monitoring
  • Domain 3: Infrastructure Security
  • Domain 4: Identity and Access Management
  • Domain 5: Data Protection

Successful completion of the CCSK certification training empowers you with across the board understanding of:

  • Chapter 1: Architectural concepts and cloud designing
  • Chapter 2: Cloud Data Security
  • Chapter 3: Cloud Infrastructure security
  • Chapter 4: Cloud Data Security
  • Chapter 5: Cloud Security Operations
  • Chapter 6: Legal, Risk, and Compliance


Candidates should also note the essential prerequisites before diving into the Cloud Security Expert combo training by Information Security Governance. The suggested essentials for the Cloud Security Expert instructional class are,

Minimum 2 years of experience in IT with at least a half year in the security domain Range of abilities planned to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate / SysOps Administrator Associate.

While prerequisites for the Cloud Security Expert combo course are:

  • Inside and out experience with essential ideas in cloud security
  • Information on systems administration and virtualization
  • Earlier industry involvement with security-based jobs is best
  • Vision for proficient improvement in cloud security
  • Information on AWS and Azure Cloud essentials

Prerequisites for the AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification:

  • Minimum one year of practical experience in security of AWS.
  • At least three years of hands-on experience in IT security with comprehensive involvement in the design and implementation of security solutions.
  • Information on security controls for AWS outstanding tasks at hand.

Prerequisites for the CCSK certification:

  • At least one year of experience in one or multiple domains of CCSK certification.
  • Part-time work and internships in cloud security job roles.

Exam Information:

FOR AWS Certified Security – Specialty

  • Certification Name: AWS Certified Security
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice
  • Number of Questions: 150
  • Test Duration: 170 min
  • Passing marks: 700 out of 1000

FOR CCSK Certified Solutions Architect

  • Certification Name: CCSK
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice
  • Test Duration: 3 Hours
  • Number of Questions: 125