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Do you want to further your professional development? EXIN is the global independent certification institute for ICT-professionals. With more than 30 years of experience in certifying the competences of over 2 million ICT-professionals, EXIN is the leading and trusted authority in the IT-market.

EXIN Authorized Certification Partner:

Cybercrime is becoming more common, often with devastating results to businesses and society. The evolution of big data has had an enormous impact on the need for security and governance. Digital transformation has led to companies using huge amounts of data from different sources. This has made sure that security is no longer an added bonus but an essential element to gain the trust of customers. This is particularly relevant in business sectors where sensitive data is handled. Adhering to privacy laws and regulations is crucial to avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance. The demand for qualified professionals is increasing as companies wake up to the risks of lax security policies.

EXIN offers the following exams in the area of Security, Compliance & Risk:

  • EXIN-ModuleFoundation-Business
  • EXIN-ModuleExpert-InformationSM-ISO
  • EXIN-ModuleFoundation-EthicalHacking
  • EXIN-ModuleFoundation-InformationSM-ISO
  • EXIN-ModulePractitioner-PDP
  • EXIN-ModulePractitioner-PDP
  • EXIN-ModuleProfessional-InformationSM-ISO