CertNexus Cyber Secure Coder | Information Security Governance

CertNexus Cyber Secure Coder


The progressive digitization of organizations has quickened the plan and advancement of uses that empower organizations to serve their clients better with greater nimbleness. To address taking off need of nonstop network and accessibility to the clients, associations put gigantically in creating or getting these applications created. Be that as it may, protecting these applications and the gathered information is the essential concern and is the most dreary errand. Digital Secure Coder confirmation approves top to bottom comprehension and competency of the engineers in structuring and growing profoundly secure applications independent of the coding language or the stage to be utilized for sending such applications. This broad preparing program confirms the specialized ability, functional aptitudes and capabilities of the contender to structure and create various applications for shifted stages. Competitors likewise increase point by point comprehension to examine different security worries of a variety of programming dialects and stages, to utilize powerful testing and examination instruments, and to moderate normal information and framework dangers.

Why Cyber Secure Coder:

The Cyber Secure Coder training course expertly instills the understanding to:

  • Identify application specific security needs
  • Address and remediate software vulnerabilities
  • Design and developed utmost secure application architecture by implementing Security by Design approach
  • Deploy commonly used protection approaches for safeguarding the application and user data
  • Locate security defect in the software using efficient testing tools and address to eliminate such issues
  • Ensure continual security by maintaining the software to the core


This coder training and certification course targets to explain:

  • Identifying the security needs in software projects
  • Finding and addressing vulnerabilities
  • Devising security designs
  • Development of secure code
  • Using commonly used protections to the software
  • Evaluating and testing the security of software projects
  • Security maintenance in deployed software

Target Audience:

  • Software developers
  • QA & testing professionals
  • Software architects who code in various programming languages to be deployed on varied platform and need to render highly secure business as well as organizational applications


  • Basic understanding of any programming languages such as Python, HTML recommended